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Our petroleum industry, environmental and cleaning solutions systems engineering expertise is limitless.

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Westates Technologies - About Us Introduction
Necessity Drives Innovation
Westates Technologies is a Nevada Corporation dedicated to the design , engineering and fabrication of state-of–the-art robotic tank cleaning equipment, as well as oil recovery systems to remove contaminated oil from tanks, pits, sumps, barges, oil spills, oil sands, pipe lines.

Our unique engineering and design abilities have their roots in 20 years of direct experience in petroleum tank cleaning and remediation operations.
We realized that the need to put workers inside crude oil storage tanks to perform tank cleaning activities could be minimized by the implementation of mechanical tank cleaning equipment.

In 1993 an opportunity arose to test our theories in the cleaning of a 200 foot diameter oil storage tank. This tank had a rusting roof that was partially collapsed and was unsafe for workers to enter. Necessity drove innovation and we put together a remote controlled track driven robot to fluidize the oil sludge and remove it from the tank. A sole operating engineer controlled all aspects of the unit's performance. All of the oil was recovered and sent back to the refinery to generate profit.

It became our goal to change the future of tank cleaning forever. We realized the benefits of robotics inside storage tanks instead of workmen were both obvious and immediate. Sludge removal activities were greatly simplified and the need to place and expose personnel to the inherent risks of the physical cleaning operation was removed.

From this experience Westates Technologies has become a leader in the development of safe, cost effective, remote tank cleaning using our custom designed oil recovery equipment to safely and efficiently clean storage tanks in an environmentally friendly manner while reducing job costs and liabilities associated with this activity.
Our corporate objective is to effectively explore and profit from the opportunities presented by increased demands for the creation, development and utilization of our unique “green” bio- degradable technologies for the transformation crude oil sludge’s into recoverable products in collaboration with reputable technical contracting companies.

Westates Technologies and its management team have demonstrated over the years that we have a culture of professional integrity along with high environmental and safety standards. We have a deliberate commitment to strive for higher values in customer relations and product recovery. In conjunction with our sister company, PureOil Recovery Solutions, these capabilities are deployed to bring oil recovery and sound waste management solutions to the oil and gas industry in a sustainable manner using PureOil proprietary chemical products.

Westates remote tank cleaning equipment and oil recovery systems have been engineered and designed to be more efficient and less costly than competing processes. Our oil recovery unit will allow crude oil sludge to be processed at the same time tank cleaning is under way. Our system will give the customer a complete solution to its contaminated oil problem.

We will always continue to improve upon the design and capabilities of our proprietary fluidizing and oil recovery equipment to best serve our customer’s needs.
Westates Technologies - Company Vision
The fluidizing agent is injected directly into the sludge at ambient temperature under high pressure allowing the slurried sludge to be pumped from storage tanks or pits.

Our innovative technologies have marked the beginning of a new era for the petroleum industries in the manner in which they approach the cleanup of crude oil sludge from storage tanks and pits.

Our fluidizing agent is environmentally friendly and permits “petroleum sludge waste” to be turned into valuable end products as non-emulsified oil is recovered and recycled while minimizing the waste stream that must be hauled to offsite dump facilities.
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