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Our petroleum industry, environmental and cleaning solutions systems engineering expertise is limitless.

Call (714) 915 - 3886 or e-mail us today and let us know what your
particular job requirements and project needs are.

We customize, design, build and deliver safe, highly effective
money, manpower and job time saving solutions.
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Westates Technology, Inc. performs research, development, engineering, design, fabrication, supply and implementation of state-of-the-art robotic tank cleaning equipment, as well as green chemistry technology and equipment to separate, clean and recover oil from pits, sumps, tanks, barges and oil spills.

With years of direct experience in petroleum clean up operations, we offer our clients innovative, unique engineering and solutions oriented design abilities to fit any project requirements.

Westates has been developing innovative mechanical tank cleaning equipment and sludge fluidizing technology since 1993. We continue to develop and lead the technology advancements that are changing the future of storage tank cleaning, oil clean up and oil recovery. We are the leader in the development of safe, cost effective remote tank cleaning equipment designed to efficiently and environmentally clean while reducing job costs and man hours.

The new focus on Oil Recovery demands, are a sure fit for our Oil Recovery Unit. This system uses Pure Oil Chemistries to recover crude oil from Petroleum sludge that is impacted with inorganics. Our proprietary Oil Recovery unit (ORU) will allow us to process the sludge that has been removed from storage tanks.

This system will remove all inorganics from the sludge returning valuable oil to the customer, and solids that can be recycled. This is done without the need for a centrifuge.

Our commitment is to continually improve on all aspects of our Oil Recovery Solutions for the Petroleum industry.
Westates Technologies, Inc.
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