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* The resulting waste-stream is increased by 100-400%, thereby substantially
   adding to the cost of transporting and storing the further contaminated waste.

* The cost of the oil removal chemical/diesel itself

* The cost of potently recovering usable petroleum from waste-stream is
   prohibitive as solvents and emulsifiers chemically alter the petroleum oil

* The added cost of processing and disposal of the additional
   solvents/water mixture
Problems With Traditional Methods Of Oil Removal and Recovery
We have a series of complex sodium chemistries; water soluble formulas that, together with the proper application technology, will turn oily sludge’s into pumpable slurry, this slurry can be pumped to our oil recovery process system to release the inorganic from hydrocarbons allowing for total oil recovery.

Most importantly, with PureOil Series 2000, the overall cost for removal of petroleum contaminated material is substantially below costs of traditional cleanup methods.
PureOil Recovery Solutions Series 2000 Non-Hazardous Formula
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Advanced Robotic Tank Cleaning Solutions

Cutting Edge Oil Recovery Technology
* Safest and most economical method for removal of sludge from
   tanks, pits and vessels of any design

* Typically adds only 15% to 20% total volume to liquefy and pump the sludge

* Is non-toxic and non-flammable -- Special Handling Is Not Required

* Series 2000 Is Environmentally Safe -- Passed The EPA Fish Kill Test

* Storage tanks may be put right back into service the day we leave

* Water based - Separation of reclaimable petroleum from waste stream is inherent

* No Rag Layer Created
The use of PureOil Series 2000 eliminates the above noted problems.

Each of the Series 2000 products is created using the same basic formula, adjusted for different sludge composition and varying field conditions. Additionally, its application method is tailored to each removal condition to achieve maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Advantages To Using PureOil Series 2000
PureOil Series 2000 Highlights
PureOil - When All Costs And Benefits Are Considered
No Other Method Of Sludge Removal Or Reclamation Compares
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