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For many years we have provided our proven green chemistry products and equipment
for petroleum recovery service solutions to some of the country’s largest
petroleum companies.

Our proprietary green chemistry products are non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe.
We have a series of complex sodium chemistries; water soluble formulas that, together
with the proper application technology, will turn oily sludge’s into pumpable slurry,
this slurry can be pumped to our oil recovery process system to release the inorganic
from hydrocarbons allowing for total oil recovery.

Most importantly, with PureOil Series 2000, the overall cost for removal of petroleum
contaminated material is substantially below costs of traditional cleanup methods.
Westates Technologies Green Chemistry
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Westates Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Robotic Tank Cleaning Solutions

Cutting Edge Oil Recovery Technology
PF 2002
PDH 2003
HSC 2006
OS 2008
POF 2012
PCE 2007
PTS 2005
Our proprietary water-based fluidizer technology is applied under pressure using pumps that are capable of generating at least 100 psi. As the chemistry is injected into the sludge it will produce pumpable tank bottom sludge slurry. The slurry can then be pumped out of the tank with ease into storage tanks for further processing.

When the sludge has been remover the PF 2002 chemistry can be used to triple rinse the tanks interior surface. The chemistry can be disposed of in the refinery’s waste water treatment facility with no problems.

In the case of tank bottom sludge processing, the fluidizer is applied under pressure injected into the sludge creating pumpable slurry. This slurry is then pumped to our Oil Recovery Feed tank. This recovery system is where the chemistry will remove all inorganics from the oil. The solids will drop to the bottom of the process unit and are recovered. The valuable oil floats to the top of the unit and is recovered for refining. The chemistry is recycled for re-use.

Unlike soap and surfactants, which form tight emulsion between oil and water Pure Oil PF 2002 fluidizer allows oil to be rejected by the solid surface thus allowing Total Oil Recovery.
This Down Hole Well Stimulator/Frac chemistry is injected into the well under various pressures to enhance the
production and oil recovery from the well. It is on the alkaline side so not to create any bio or rusting problems.
For use on Tar Sands/Oil Sands, our green chemisty and process unit will allow Enhanced Oil Recovery by separating the MFT (mature fine tailings) into recovered Bitumen, inorganics and recycled chemistry.
Our Coker Feed chemistry combined with our process unit will keep oily solids suspended as they are being sent
to the coker for processing.
Using our Hard Surface Cleaner chemistry and a pressure washer or hydro-blaster to remove oil from metal surfaces.
PCF 2004
The Centrifuge Enhancement chemistry will allow for a dryer cake and less use of polymers in the Oil Recovery process.
Oil Spill Recovery chemistry will pre-treat the shoreline to help keep the incoming oil from sticking to the beach, dock, or shorelines.
Pipeline Oil Fluidizer makes pumping oil more efficient, using our green chemistry you will reduce the drag on pumping the heavy oil by keeping the inorganics suspended.