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We sell oil recovery clean-up chemistry and tank cleaning equipment packages to solve our customer's specific project requirements. An experienced tank cleaning equipment and oil recovery clean-up solutions provider, Westates Technologies, Inc. is committed to giving our contractor and tank farm owner customers the most advanced, effective, job time saving and cost efficient technology and equipment available If It Is Not Available Now, We Will Build It.

Westates designs and builds customized, state-of-the-art robotic tank cleaning equipment. This experience has led to the development of advanced, environment safe green chemistry technology and equipment to separate, clean and recover oil from pits, sumps, tanks, barges and oil spills. Westates provides the following equipment and services:
Tank Cleaning Manway Cannons - Proprietary Design, Custom Fabrication, Hydraulic Driven, Remote Operated
Oil Recovery Technology - Separation, Clean Up and Recycling
VOC Scrubber Control Equipment That Meets Air Resources Regulations
PureOil - The First Green, Petroleum Recovery Chemistry
Proprietary, Non-toxic, Non-flammable and Environmentally Safe
Hazardous Area Explosion Proof, Class 1 Division 1 Cables, Connectors and Lighting - Product Distributor, Custom Design and Manufacturing
Oil Spill Control Equipment and Chemistry - Effective On Land And Sea
Video Pipeline Inspection Systems
Vacuum Equipment And Vacuum Excavation Systems

Our engineering expertise for these systems is limitless.
Please let us know what your particular job requirements and needs are.
We design, build and deliver value to suit our clients.
Video Pipeline
Inspection Equipment
Tank Cleaning Robotics
Tanks, Sumps,
Sludge Ponds & Impoundments
Above Ground Storage Tank Cleaning Manway Cannons and Control Center
Side Entry
Tank Cleaning Cannon
Westates Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Robotic Tank Cleaning Solutions

Cutting Edge Oil Recovery Technology
Westates Technologies, Inc.
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PureOil - A Green Chemistry - The Safest, Most Economical and
Environmentally Friendly Sludge Removal Method - See More
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